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Shizll provides a range of unique products designed for easy operation.

We like to keep thing simple and useful for every rigger and arborist. As a small business located in the Netherland we create, design and manufacture our products before we ship them all over the world. To provide our product users the best and safest possible (rigging) gear we have certified our products following the highest European standards for lifting and lowering. These standards are above or meet any other like US or Australian standards

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All products have been extensively tested both in the work field and by an external party to meet all European safety requirements and more importantly; to guarantee your safety up or under the trees.

CE: All Shizll rigging products comply with all relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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About shizll

How Shizll has started
What the Shizll??

Shizll is founded by Tamil Verhagen, an arborist with 22 years of experience and owner of a tree care company. To make his job easier and work more efficiently, Tamil developed a series of high quality tree clipping tools like hardware and ropeslings. The first prototypes were well received by colleagues and therefore Tamil decided to take it to the next level and start a company to produce climbing gear at a larger scale . All he needed was a catchy name that no one would forget and Shizll was born.

  • 42 different lengths and types

  • As certified arborist/specialized treeclimber

  • We are always happy add new dealers

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Spidersling with ArboRing 12mm Spidersling 14mm Easy Balancer SmallExtreme smooth ArboRingEasy Retriever Small Kitjonko spiral wedge

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