April 11, 2019

About Shizll

Tamil treeclimber arborist

Shizll is founded by Tamil Verhagen, an arborist with 20 years of experience and owner of tree care company. To make his job easier and work more efficiently, he developed a series of high quality tree clipping tools like hardware and ropes lings. The first prototypes were well received by colleagues and therefore Tamil decided to take it to the next level and start a company to produce climbing gear at a larger scale. All he needed was a catchy name that no one would forget and Shizll was born.


High quality & sustainable gear at competitive prices.

Shizll produces high quality climbing gear improving productivity of professional tree climbers. We are not about reinventing existing products, we focus on making your professional life easier by creating new gear. Our products are sustainable. We use the best materials so you can enjoy your Shizll for years. We are not in it to get rich (although we are not opposed to it either), we are in it to enable our colleagues by providing good climbing Shizll at a fair price.


Shizll products: Ropeslider, Spiderplate, Spidersling and Balancer

Remember the days when it was a bit rough to pull your rope sideways through an micro pulley in your lanyard? That’s how Shizll started. With expert knowledge from our colleagues, we wrote a master plan on a beer coaster. The first idea evolved in technical 3D drawings, numerous 3D printed plastics and finally a mold which is still used to produce our rope sliders today.  Currently over 8500 tree climbers don’t experience this hassle anymore by using the Shizll ropeslider.
With the success of the rope slider, new products have been developed e.g. Spider-plate, Spider-sling, and Easy Balancer. All products have been extensively tested both in the work field and by an external party to meet all European safety requirements and more importantly; to guarantee your safety  up in the trees. Learn more about our products here.

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Team Shizll

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