Jason about ” Shizll Spidersling with ArboRing” from China

這條 shizll spidersling是我用過最好的流纜索具。高強度拉力,快速調較長度及裝設。我能夠把它取替三件工具(扁帶,扣,流纜滑輪),設計把它三為一體,容易攜帶上樹。它還有三種裝設方法,可以選擇用金屬圈或只用繩索再加上滑輪。我非常喜歡鮮豔的線色。
The shizll spidersling is the best  rigging gear I have used. High strength, quickly adjusting and setting . I can use it instead of three gears e.g. Whoopie sling, carabiner, rigging pulley. There is three ways to set. I can use the arboring or just use the sling and clip a block. I love the sharp green color.

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