October 2, 2016

Jonko cone wedge

Ideally for Arborists and foresters

Jonko cone wedge especially designed to use in a tree and to fell small to medium size trees with a slight overhang. Due to one year of field testing different prototypes and different threads we managed to design a good functioning cone wedge. Jonko is the result and can therefore be used in a broad range of applications.


The Shizll product Jonko is made in Netherlands!

Light weight
Jonko only weighs 490gram / 17oz, around the same weight as a bigger conventional aluminium wedge.

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Jonko is made to handle an impact-driver over and over again. It's made of high grade steel for endless use.

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Easy to operate
The Jonko cone wedge is easy to use one handed with a ratchet/socket wrench or an impact-driver.

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jonk and log
jonko and driver wrench

Jonko is versatile! Besides forestry and arboriculture , Jonko can be useful in other sectors to!

Such as the Emergency Services Sector, demolishing industry, DIY, wood splitting, and many more!


Jonko is available with a spiral lanyard and Ropeslider, it's so easy to attach to your harness. The spiral lanyard is 35 cm long and can extend to 125 cm perfect to connect to your own ratchet wrench! The Jonko cone wedge has groves on the inside of the female 1/2 inch socket to secure the Jonko to your wrench or driver bit with ball pin system.

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