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ArboRingsaver is the rigging equivalent of a ring to ring cambium saver. Easily installed & retrieved from the ground – no more climbing back up to remove your hardware!

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Retrievable Rigging Hardware

The ArboRing Saver meets the need for a remotely settable & retrievable rigging solution for small to medium rigging. Featuring two high-quality low friction rings made out of aircraft grade 7075 aluminium & finished with PTFE for extremely low friction. The perfect choice for setting up a rigging point in a tree you don’t intend to climb, as it can be set with a throwline & retrieved with a retrieval ball.


  • Double braided, no more kinking or stretched fibres, or any deformation, like single braid slings can do
  • Also easy to install from the ground like a normal ring to ring cambium saver
  • Adjustments not needed
  • Easy retrievable with a 32 mm or 40mm (Shizll) retrieval ball (included)
  • Hi visibility, due to flashy green  or blue collar.
  • Just 14 mm and 18 mm rope what makes it lightweight and still extremely strong in basked configuration.


Product specifications

  • 14 mm double braided Polyester high quality rope
  • Comes with a perfect fit 28 mm and 35 mm ring or 38 and 45mm ring
  • 120 or 150cm total length
  • Suitable with rigging ropes up to 22 mm
  • With smooth PTFE hard-anodised Shizll ArboRings
  • They have a unique serial number
  • Rated:  MBS 90 kN WLL 18 kN
  • No PPE
  • CE . 2006/42/EC


Signs , no ppe warning, etc

Shizll Rigging equipment is fully CE Certified & complys with all relevant provisions of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

Not intended for as PPE [Personal Protective Equipment].

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