Deadeye sling with ArboRing

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Shizll Deadeye Sling is a versatile rigging sling, designed to suit traditional attachment methods such as a timber or cow hitch. we have multiple versions available in different strengths, lengths with Arboring or eye splice.




Our highly versatile and light weight rigging slings.

Shizll’s deadeye slings with ArboRing are made with high visibility coloured ropes and  high quality ArboRings. They are suitable as a base anchoring sling but also in the canopy for a variety of rigging purposes. Deadeye sling with ArboRong gives you the possibility to set up your rigging system with conventional knotting techniques such as a timber or cow hitch. They take just a little bit longer to set up than spidersling alternatives. However they have the advantage of being able to be attached and removed mid line. This can be valuable for redirects when span rigging and also to reset your rigging point repeatedly.

Deadeye sling with ArboRing Features 

High visibility rope sling – Non-kinking – Pre-stretched – Double coated splice for lower friction when loaded – Available with Eye splice or ArboRing – Suitable for use with Shizll Spiderplate, rigging carabiners rigging blocks and Pulleys.

See here the the comperisment between a dead eye sling and a spiderling! You can easily see that you need less length and weight with a spiderling for the same application.

Diameter of tree or object 200cm 250cm 300cm 350cm 400cm 450cm
Spidersling with ArboRing 14 cm 40cm 14cm 60cm 14cm 75cm 14cm 90cm
Dead eye sling with ArboRing 14cm 22cm 14cm 30cm 14cm 38cm 14cm 46cm


Other lengths or splice sizes are always available on request.

Sling Specifications

  • 12, 14, 18, 20 mm double braid all Polyester rope [core and cover]
  • Professionally finished tail with CE certification details
  • Smooth PTFE coated hard anodized ArboRing
  • Includes individual serial number
  • Comes with booklet of information translated into five languages

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) and Working Load Limit (WLL) for various sling.

Product Material Rope Ø [mm] Choked [kN]
Dead Eye Sling Small Polyester core & cover 12 Orange MBS 36 WLL 7.2

Dead Eye Sling Big

Polyester core & cover 14 Green MBS 48 WLL 9.6

Dead Eye Sling Mega

Polyester core & cover 18 Bleu MBS 60 WLL 12

Dead Eye Sling Giga

Polyester core & cover 20 Green MBS 75 WLL 15

CE2006/42/EC. Tested on a class 1 universal testing machine. All Shizll products are regularly tested during production for MBS in their application of use with new, dry and clean materials and connections. All tests are performed under static conditions.


Installation instructions:



Signs , no ppe warning, etc

Additional information

Weight 1-2 kg
Dimensions 200400 × . × . cm

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Length sling

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