Easy Balancer Big

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Easy Balancer Big “Rigging gear for the Pro!”

For the Professional Arborist who likes to make their job easier, especially when working above structures where balancing is required, just attach the Easy Balancer Big to the end your rigging rope and you are ready to rig.





Easy Balancer Big, Shizll rigging gear for the Pro tree rigger!

Easy Balancer Big is developed to make balancing of a load above a structure easier and faster, both legs of the Easy Balancer can be adjusted by pulling the middle of the rope, or by pulling the friction hitch to create more length. This makes it possible to adjust the angle between both legs and putting the center of mass under the attachment point. After proper installation, the load will stay horizontally balanced when suspended and can be lowered gently.

Easy balancer


Product features

Easy to install – Keeps your load horizontal – Low extension under load – Spiderplate adjustment – Special spliced and designed two legged friction cord – Neatly finished tale ore spliced eye with information – Suitable with all rigging ropes – CE certified



Strength easy balancer

Easy Balancer Big specificationsBalancing, easy balancer

  • 12 mm double braided Polyester rope with 15 and meter rope.
  • Two legged friction cord
  • With Spiderplate for easy adjustment.
  • Neatly finished tail or splice with information.
  • With serial number.


Warning: This product should only be used by highly skilled riggers. The rigger must be very cautious, because the load will stay suspended. When misjudged, the load could swing towards the rigger or even upwards, with risk of serious injury and possibly death. Always connect both ends to your load and be aware that when you increase the angle between both legs, the maximal load will decline. See image below. The Easy Balancer is intended for static rigging. Shock loading not allowed.


Different angles Balancer

Connection options: 

We recommend using a double bowline to connect the easy balancer to your load.
When you use an easy balancer with spliced eyes you should use a sling and carabiner for attachment

Connect with a double bowline to easy balancer

Connect with a double bowline

Choked sling, connected with carabiner to easy balancer

Choked sling, connected with carabiner

Choked Spider knot to easy balancer

Choked Spiderknot









CE2006/42/EC. Tested on a class 1 universal testing machine. All Shizll products are regularly tested during production for MBS in their application of use with new, dry and clean materials and connections. All tests are performed under static conditions.

Signs , no ppe warning, etc

Additional information

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