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Ideal for Forestry and Arboriculture.

The Jonko is available with a spiral lanyard and Ropeslider for easy attachment to your harness. The spiral lanyard is 35 cm long and can extend to 125 cm – perfect to connect to your ratchet wrench [not included]. The Jonko cone wedge has small grooves on the inside of the female 1/2 inch socket to secure the Jonco to a ratchet wrench with ball pin interface.



Jonko cone wedge

No more struggling & hitting with heavy hammers.

The Jonko cone wedge has been designed specifically for use within a tree and to fell small to medium size trees with a slight back-lean. Following one year of field testing a variety of different profiles & thread designs we managed to come up with a versatile & highly functional product – you are sure to find a use for it in a broad range of applications.



Light – this cone wedge only weighs 495 gram/17.1 oz, this is the same as a conventional [large] aluminium wedge.

Strong – made to handle an impact driver over and over again, its made of high grade steel for repeat use.

Easy to Use – the Jonko can be easily used with one hand with a ratchet/socket wrench or an impact driver [high torque].



Origin – Made in The Netherlands

Material – High grade CNC milled chrome steel designed for heavy duty tools

Size – 160 mm x 38 mm

Connector – 12 mm [1/2 inch] with secure ball-pin interface

Weight – 495 g [17.1 oz]

Compatibility – 1/2 inch bit Ratchet/Socket wrench or high torque Impact driver


“Highly versatile” Besides forestry and arboriculture the Jonko is invaluable in other sectors too. Emergency Services, Demolition, DIY, Wood Splitting, the list goes on!


Use the Jonko wisely and always wear proper PPE.


Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5 cm

Jonko Big, Jonko Kit Small, Jonko Small, Spiral+Ropeslider


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