Ropeslider is developed to do what it should do, lift your knot and transit your climbing line without extra weight and friction at your system.


The must have for every Arborist!

The Ropeslider is derived from a normal pulley for your climbing system. It does exactly what a pulley should do, “lifting your knot when you pull your line through” When you use the Ropeslider,  you can pull your line through in all directions causing equally low friction. The device reduce twists in your climbing line because there aren’t sharp- edged wings, like most pulleys have. Ropeslider can be used in your light weight positioning lanyard and in your climbing system, go for different use and options to tips and tricks the product is a not a bearing part in application and not made to hang on, that is why the product has the inscription “No PPE” (No Personal Protection Equipment)


Ropeslider advantages!

Especially designed for arborists, Made of one part, Hardly any additional friction, Only 28 gram, Reduces twists at your line, Smooth surface

Ropeslider in climbing system

Product specifications

  • Comes with users manual in zip bag
  • Hot Forged aluminium 6061T6
  • Bright coloured
  • anodised against corrosion and wear
  • Suitable for carabiners up to 14 mm cross-cut
  • With unique serial,batch number
Success of the Ropeslider  Remember the days when you pulled your rope sideways through an micro pulley in your lanyard? That’s how Shizll started. With expert knowledge from our colleagues, we wrote a master plan on a beer coaster. The first idea evolved in technical 3D drawings, numerous 3D printed plastics and finally a mold which is still used to produce our rope sliders today. Currently over 6000 tree climbers no longer experience this hassle anymore by using the shizll ropeslider. With the success of the rope slider, new products have been developed e.g. Spiderplate, Spidersling, and Balancer
Signs , no ppe warning, etc

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg

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  1. Admin


    Tidy – 04/04/2015
    Reviewer: Jon matych
    This compact little piece really tidied up my lightweight positioning lanyard. Functions as perfectly as a tending pulley. It really well thought out and perfectly designed. Super compact.

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