Spidersling with ArboRing

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Spidersling with ArboRing is adjustable and even more versatile than the spidersling with eye splice due to the added Arboring. This makes this sling even stronger when you put the other end (loop) trough the low friction ring to attach a pulley. In this application you increased the strength of the sling significant. 



Spidersling with Arboring is really easy to install and easy to adjust!

In addition of the Spidersling with eye splice we also designed this awesome versatile rigging sling with Shizll’s low friction ring ArboRing.

This rigging sling is like the normal spidersling, easily adjustable and developed by climbers to make your rigging easier and faster. The length of the Spidersling with ArboRing is easy to adjust by pulling the rope through the Spiderplate. You can easily make adjustments after installation due to pulling the Spiderplate. The length of the sling will immediately lock under load and it will release when the load is taken off. Use Spidersling with Arboring as a base anchoring sling to attach a lowering device. As a high anchor to attach hardware like a rigging pulley or simply rig strait trough the ring!

See here the the comperisment between a dead eye sling and a spiderling, you can easily see that you need to less length and weight with a spiderling for the same application. However we also got a deadeye slings with rings available for the old-school riggers that like to use a ring.

Diameter of tree or object 200cm 250cm 300cm 350cm 400cm 450cm
Spidersling with ArboRing  14 cm 40cm 14cm 60cm 14cm 75cm 14cm 90cm
Dead eye sling 14cm 22cm 14cm 30cm 14cm 38cm 14cm 46cm


In conclusion, this rigging sling is even more versatile due to the added Arboring and makes this sling even stronger. When you put the other end (loop) trough the low friction ring to attach a pulley you increased the strength of the sling.

Spidersling with ArboRing Features

Hi visibility colors and abrasion reduction coating – Pre-stretched double braid rope with lock stitched splice for less friction – Neatly finished tale with information – PTFE/Hard anodized, for a extreme smooth surface – Suitable with rigging connectors, rigging blocks and Pulleys.



Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) and Work load limit (WLL)

Product Material Ø Rope diameter [mm] Choked [kN] Choked through Arboring [kN]
SPSR.Small Polyester cover and core 12 Orange  MBS 38 WLL 7.6 MBS 45 WLL 9


Polyester cover and core 14 green MBS 50 WLL 10 MBS 60 WLL 12


Spidersling with ArboRing, specifications

  • 12, 14 mm double braided Polyester high quality rope
  • (Big) Spider adjustment
  • Suitable with rigging connectors and Pulleys
  • With smooth PPFT hard-anodized ArboRing
  • With serial number
  • CE . 2006/42/EC

Have a look at the separate Shizll Arborings and Spiderplates if you like to splice your own version of a Spidersling with an ArboRing

CE2006/42/EC. Tested on a class 1 universal testing machine. All Shizll products are regularly tested during production for MBS in their
application of use with new, dry and clean materials and connections. All tests are performed under static conditions.

Not intended for use as PPE [Personal Protective Equipment]


Signs , no ppe warning, etc

Additional information

Weight 1-2 kg
Dimensions 200400 cm


Length sling

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  1. beverboomverzorging

    I really enjoy working with the Spidersling with ArboRing! Easy to adjust and great for rigging down blocks & tops

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