James about “Spidersling with Arboring” from United kingdom

Review Spidersling with Arboring I can’t review on the difference between these and the X-rings, sorry. First things first, high build quality is obvious straight out of the box.i love the fact you can adjust the sling like a whoopie, the plate works a treat. Also the way it has been designed means you can use it to clip a pulley block into the loop (pictured) this makes it versatile and a great redirect. When you think about the price of a whoopie sling and a pulley in comparison, there not bad value either, a kind of all in one lowering sling. If your in the market for some lowering gear a few of these would really be worth a look at, the plate is also sold separately to convert what you already have, along with various length and diameter spiderslings. Also they can be retrieved from the ground with a little clip and ball (similar to a cambium saver) Any negatives? Friction, but nothing to noticeable, in fact there is no harm in a little bit of friction at your anchor point in rigging, but if you like everything low friction, you will notice. So in conclusion, quick, simple, adjustable, versatile.

review spidersling with arboring


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